Description: Dramatic Electronic soundtrack music with Synth lead

Description: Lounge track, with hypnotic piano phrase and low Vocals

Description: Ambient, Electronic track with open chords.

Description: It’s a calm, tranquil and reflective track in lounge style. The atmosphere of the track takes you to the ocean shore where you can relax or meditate admiring the beautiful sunset. Instruments used: soft drums, contrabass, electric guitar, strings, crystal piano, enigmatic female voice. The track is ideal for any kind of projects where lounge, calm and relaxing mood is demanded: from commercials, youtube videos, slideshows to podcasts, tv programmes and films. Enjoy and relax!

Description: It’s a lounge track. It has an atmosphere of sea and ocean. When I listen to this music, I imagine a seashore, blue sky, warm salty air, cool splashes and seagulls’ cries. The track is serene, light, calm and dreamy. Feel lightness and freshness listening to it! Perfect for videos about nature, sea, ocean, relaxing videos, for spa, bbc documentaries, websites, slideshows and more.

Description: Very pleasant ambient music with saxophones and electric bass parallel solo against the background of dense drums playing among ephemeral sounding electronic bells and strings...

Description: Relaxing & peaceful lounge background loop. Great background to create a relaxing, stylish and peaceful atmosphere.

Description: Uplifting background track for motivational and inspiring projects.

Description: Smooth electronic-jazzy music.

Description: Contemporary Electronic-jazzy music.

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