Description: Electro Lounge ambient song for a great mood setting.

Description: layed back electric piano with big bass and drum synths.

Description: elegant and contemporary, with various electronic instruments and layers of woman's voice sampled with delay

Description: Indian funk, mid-tempo track, grooved with swinging oriental beat. This melody arranged by unusual bassline, sitars and exotic bells. Can be associated with Tales from 1001 nights. SOUNDPACK AVAILABLE! Instrumental, Electronic Music, Breakbeat

Description: Sedated and tranquil melody in D minor with acoustic drums.

Description: Fun house track with an interesting rhythm. Performed on solo violin (country style), sub bass, keyboards and drums with percussion. Very groovy and powerful pumping sound.

Description: composed by lotang, Manerr, Pikaya.

Description: happy techno reggae instrumental song made with synthezisers: synth piano, some congas.

Description: mesmerising guitar, strings, bass & piano over chilled out groove.

Description: AFRICAN / QUIET TRIBAL / Subtle primitive background music featuring drums, claves, shakers.

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