Description: chillout track featuring electronic flute and ambient sounds.

Description: chillout track featuring a smooth bassline and acoustic guitar.

Description: chilled electronica with a futuristic feel, corporate, underscore version.

Description: moby sound alike, slide guitar, blusey feel, vamping piano, sliding strings.

Description: sound of collective, ile de la Reunion.

Description: Pads, mellotron, sirens and a hip hop beat. This track features the grit of a needle on an LP vinyl record...remember those?

Description: Urban, Electronica-Jungle, Electronica-Chill, Hip Hop, Industry & Technology, Electronic, Repetitive, Hi Energy, Excited, Contemporary, Funky, Urban, Percussive, Active, in a Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Electronic, Bass, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: determined, exited, motivated / sax-melody carried by harmonic electronics and a progressive bassline moving towards a stomping chorus-part.