Description: A great vibey track with guitar and organ melodies highlighted by a smooth groove and bongos.

Description: An elegant hip hop track with great orchestral parts and modern drum loops.

Description: A slow moving orchestral track with modern drum loops and percussion.

Description: A very cool chill out track with brass hits, organ, rhodes and heavy groove drums.

Description: A slow moving trip hop track with cool synth parts and a modern drum groove.

Description: An awesome slow moving and very funky track with wah wah guitar, cool drum loops and synth parts.

Description: An awesome mix of orchestral strings and dubstep grooves highlight this very cool track.

Description: A very hip acid jazz track with cool drum loops, vintage jazz guitar, and electric piano.

Description: A dark hip hop, track with phat synth sounds and monster grooves.

Description: A laid back and very cool track that will make your neck bob up and down. Funky guitars, organ, rhodes and cool drums.