Description: The Chill Pill is laid back track with sensual sounds along with 4 on the floor smashing drums

Description: this is a hard hitting piano track with piano chords that stack up over tight drums,drops,and snare builds..

Description: Driving tribal is music by itself.. Energetic Industrial sounds combined with tribal elements. Just drums being worked..

Description: This is a funky pop track with an edgy bassline and break style beats.

Description: eurofunk breakbeat is perhaps the best to describe this instrumental track,the flavor is in the funky beat,there is a catchy choir hook that goes well with the groove.

Description: High energy instrumental Drum and Bass feel track,works well with exciting themes.

Description: an interesting collaboration between a guitarist and dance production .

Description: Italian 94 house track , piano track and laid back bass with filtered elements

Description: This track is an electronic master piece , delivers animated qualities , its a very busy drum and bass vibe tune but is also heard in half time which soothes the stream .

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