Description: Hypnotic and mesmerizing, this electrified tune pulsates with vibrant synth elements. There are two contrasting parts. One contains sounds typical of trance music while the other has a more traditional melody with a technological flavor.

Description: an electronic ow sound. made digitally for you to sample, dubstep kind of sound.

Description: Laser beam shot. Use this sample for electronic, dubstep, dance or any type of digital music.

Description: laser beam sound. very cool, use for electronic dance music dubstep or however you want to resample.

Description: Relaxed and slightly mysterious chillout lounge track.

Description: Hi, everybody! My name is Anatoly! I hope that this track will be included perfectly in your project! My portfolio replenishes constantly. Music of different styles. Without restrictions. You will precisely find everything in my portfolio that is necessary for your project. Yours faithfully Anatoly!

Description: Groove, Popular, Dance, Party, Club, Techno, Electronica, Nightclub, High Society, Confident, Sexy

Description: This SoundSet uses electric drums and synths to provide a traditional electronica flavor with a hypnotic rhythm. The pace is energetic and bubbly which can also put this piece in the Techno category. Use this piece in any presentation that deals with tech.

Description: This piece has an excellent rhythm that is sure to excite any audience. Presentations with lots of motion and that feature technological or fashion products would work well with this piece.

Description: This low-bandwidth piece uses a bubbling bass to give it energy. It is best used in presentations that involve motion and space. The Electro component gives this piece a technology sound.

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