Description: Ultra dynamic industrial high tech music with a cinematic vibe and epic character. Designed for crime dramas, Sci-Fi projects, corporate branding, electronics conventions, software innovations, new gadget products and high performance cars.

Description: Fast, agressive and potent electronica. Heavy, electronic drum loop with distorted bass and other electronic sounds. Dynamic, energetic, Corporate branding, high tech apps and presentations. Good for extreme sports and action filled footage. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Electro-Industrial. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Dark Electo

Description: Metal Indus down tempo for cinematic teaser, animatic sequence ..

Description: chill, mellow with tambourine, bass, and arpeggio

Description: Heavy Industrial Rock Hybrid, with lots of bass, an ominous bassline, heavy guitars and big drums. Action/thriller movie music with attitude and tension.

Description: Driving electronic music bed, dark, fast paced and aggressive, great for gaming and advertising.

Description: Electronic oriented aggressive, driving, percussive track.

Description: Dirty, energetic, driving and active industrial metal composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Perfect for action scenes, extreme videos, fightings, sports, racing and flying videos, adventures, travels, slideshows, featurettes, viral marketing, video blogs, advertising, video games and movies. Enjoyable listening!

Description: INTENSE hard driving adrenal rush. Constant , nonstop and heart pounding

Description: A catchy uplifting background instrumental perfect for inspiring projects like corporate product videos, commercials, advertising, youtube videos,and much much more.

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