Description: A catchy uplifting background instrumental perfect for inspiring projects like corporate product videos, commercials, advertising, youtube videos,and much much more.

Description: An industrial-bass driven short rock tune.

Description: A progressive track in the genres of electro lounge, muscular and resolute in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with futurism, technological advance, machinery, engineering, hi-tech environment.

Description: A futuristic instrumental track in the genres of electro lounge and dance music, eccentric and playful in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with colorfulness, stylishness, sexuality, and daring creativity.

Description: A spacey and relaxed techno chillout that's a little bit quirky and has a funky mechanical clock like feel. There's a smooth underscore of electronic percussion effects and a laid back but confident conga groove. It has futuristic synthesizer effects and mysterious pad textures of organ and choir that have a calm innocent and catchy melody. 62 BPM

Description: Energising slab of metal beat music for big fight show. Brutal and adrenalin-soaked short stuff.

Description: Electronic dance beats with a mechanical robotic retro feel. Takes you deep into the world of computers and electrical circuitry. Perfect for commercials, gaming, corporate and technology. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: There a darkness in the air swallowing the light. Something is feeding on the safety of the characters in this scene. - evolving synth landscape - bell arpeggio - very ominous lead - shifts into more energetic parts using more drums

Description: This dramatic, aggressive, and hard hitting industrial fusion music combines power, energy and action all in one. The powerful rhythm is complimented by modern grungy synthesizers, and a cool sonic lead melody. Whether for drama, action, thrillers, sports, or anything else in between; this music is a great choice for your application.

Description: Ultra dynamic industrial high tech music with a cinematic vibe and epic character. Designed for Sci-Fi movies, modern military and espionage themes, corporate branding, electronics conventions, software innovations and new gadget products.