Description: Catchy background track with a powerful rhythm and stylish bass part. Suitable for corporate projects and videos,broadcast productions and commercials.

Description: Music: dangerous industrial loop

Description: Big hard driving kicks & snares, clean hats & percussion, powerful mid-range drum loops, and thick layered electro-rock synths / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs thick layered hard driving electro-rock.

Description: Intense and driven, "Technotensity" is exactly what you'd expect it to sound like. Perfect for sports, corporate presentations, montages - you name it. It could sit well in an action or chase sequence as well. This track has a way of pushing things forward with a sense of urgent emotion.

Description: You better work! With a solid beat and techno \ industrial sound, "Fierce Catwalk" is serving an eclectic brand of mystical attitude. Perfect for a fashion show or a fabulous stroll down a catwalk, this upbeat yet dramatic track lends a sophisticated yet playful vibe. This is also a good one for montages or travel scenes. Either way, this is a piece that will surely let them HAVE it.

Description: Track written by different synthesizers. Will be useful for flash, web, tv!

Description: Morphing rhythms and odd percussion put you in the middle of the hunt

Description: Wicked treated percussion with suspenseful pauses, glitchy noises in the background