Description: Industrial drums and analog lead/bass from Arturia Minibrute. Experimental jamming along the way.

Description: Darkened electronica with blast-beats and extreme vocals. Features a wide variety of powerful black soundscapes. Lyrics: This world for the taking this prey for the draining feed me to heal me feed me to become face the undead lord bow to the winged skull bow before me tonight has come give me your blood riding the dragon far across the sky I ride towards the moon extending the astral prepare for contact winged skull fly so high fly across the sky harvest harvest harvest harvest harvest Burning for the black lights I'll take you whole How do you like my dream going against my will Sons of the winged skull gather for ritual union fire from the void elemental aeon becoming through the black light we are the future this is the time now now is the will give it now give it slow give it now

Description: There a darkness in the air swallowing the light. Something is feeding on the safety of the characters in this scene. - evolving synth landscape - bell arpeggio - very ominous lead - shifts into more energetic parts using more drums

Description: Industrial, big and violent techno track with distorted and effected vocals.

Description: Gothic, dark and epic big sound describes this track well.