Description: 1 minute edit of main breakdown from full length of the same track.

Description: Frantic, exciting, confident, crazy, dance, electronic, Theme, drama, travel, documentary, sport, corporate, house.

Description: Cheeky, brash,strident, rhythmic,electronic, dance, Documentary, comedy, travel, advert, kids, corporate, house.

Description: A positive and upbeat electronic track that builds synth layers gradually. This track loops seamlessly.

Description: Night Life, Party, Club, Trance, House, Sexy, Luxury, Fashion, Celebrity, Star, Exciting, Motion, Action, Awards, Grammy, News, Suspense

Description: Steady, deep house beat with vocal like sound effect pad hits with lots of echo.

Description: Sparse house electronica track with single note synth pattern on top and a unique bass tone. High fashion vibe.

Description: Simple ambient house track with a deep, steady bass.

Description: Upbeat House Music 4 on the floor

Description: Electronica, Electronica-House, Active, Action, Chase, Driving, Hi Energy, Intense, in a Energetic, Exciting mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Synth, with a Mid tempo