Description: determined, intense, tense / well arranged mysterious electronics carried by stomping rythm-section resolving into rocking overdrive guitar, electro-arpeggiated interlude and guitar soloing at the end.

Description: longing, nostalgic, optimistic / pushing danceclub rythm-section spiced with gentle electronics resolving in a latin-feel chorus-part; featuring jazzguitar soloing on second half.

Description: determined, exited, motivated / sax-melody carried by harmonic electronics and a progressive bassline moving towards a stomping chorus-part.

Description: excited, foreboding, motivated / hypnotic mysterious electronics served by a strong groove and a funky rythm guitar. delayed arps in chorus and mid-section.

Description: determined, excited, motivated / very funky danceclub rythm section joined by balanced electronics and guitar. interlude featuring fusion-style sax & guitar solo.

Description: optimistic, peaceful, soulful / very relaxed and soulful smooth-jazz combined with gentle electronics and jazzy floating guitar lines. ending on a blues/rock guitar solo.

Description: mysterious electronics, relaxed and soulful served by delayed guitars, electro-arpeggiators, organs, percussives and add-lips

Description: well arranged modern smooth-jazz spiced with electronics, a sax-melody carried by a pumping bass-line, electro-arpeggiators, percussives and some funky guitars.

Description: jolly, joyful, optimistic / modern smooth-jazz spiced with electronics, grooving bassline and jazzy guitars. catchy chorus-part plus a classic-jazz interlude.