Description: A very positive dance track, uplifting, fun, with lots of rhythm, and a soft and subtle gated melody that gives a sensation of joy.

Description: Bright, positive, upbeat groove.Great for sports and fast moving media.Jump all around.

Description: Light dance tune, for a corporate video.

Description: An old skool style funk piece with low dirty bass and surfing guitars. Great for documentaries, flash videos, websites, e.t.c.

Description: Positive funky instrumental with powerful break beat drums and distorted guitars. Very stylish and groovy

Description: A catchy uplifting background instrumental perfect for inspiring projects like corporate product videos, commercials, advertising, youtube videos,and much much more.

Description: Atmospheric backround electronic track is perfect for your projects, advertising, youtube films, blogs and websites etc.

Description: Uplifting, motivational background track.Perfect for your media projects, multimedia presentations, videos and other projects.

Description: An energetic breackbeat style background track featuring driving upbeat mood. Sounds groovy and cool, active and youth.

Description: Cool groovy old style electronic music track with positive and warm mood, perfect background for all kind of media projects and presentations.Rich, soft and dreamy.

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