Description: This is an upbeat guitar rock track with a modern drum and synth sound.

Description: Slow groovy lounge theme with orchestral strings and fender rhodes

Description: Positive funky break beat track with wah-wah guitar, bright piano chords and scratch.

Description: industrial, atmospheric, electronic hi-tech groove.

Description: Modern electronic music in unreal space and movement with a lot of synth sounds. Melodic and charm.

Description: This track is a powerful 8bit rock track with a dance edge backed up by powerful drums and deep electronic bass. The music is high energy, high impact and has a great lively and fun vibe. The beat is very infectious and this cutting edge and modern tune will add some serious cool to your videos.

Description: A fast paced, big beat, happy sounding groove. The bass moves and the beat pushes.

Description: An instrumental, energetic, moving composition.

Description: Gritty, upbeat and aggressive with a synthetic groove, DJ scratching and Rock elements create a driving and determined depicting an action and adventure scene.