Description: Fast, agressive and potent electronica. Heavy, electronic drum loop with distorted bass and other electronic sounds. Dynamic, energetic, Corporate branding, high tech apps and presentations. Good for extreme sports and action filled footage. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Electro-Industrial. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Dark Electo

Description: Chill, calm and relaxing. Lounge track with cool electric piano, modern synths and stylish beat.

Description: Here is a grooved chilling short track with some influences from the ambient genera. It also features classic hip-hop drum machine loops and a catchy tune.

Description: This is a warm-sounding electronic ambient track.

Description: 80's Disco - Dance. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: A upbeat lounge tune with catchy rhode piano, crisp contemporary drums, and rolling bass.

Description: Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronic, Dance, Smooth

Description: Give your own big beats a downtempo melodic line, a theme behind all your important things. Just mix in your best Kick and sub bass, grab a mic and rhyme what you have to say.

Description: Nightclub, Celebrity, Fame, Party, Happy, Cool, Old School, Funk, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Organ, Rhodes