Description: downtempo instrumental heavy sythn and drum short clip, great for voice over or spoken word.

Description: ambient evoling instrumental soundtrack great for tv or film.

Description: electronic nu jazz instrumental with a nice groove, smooth and lean.

Description: chill down with this downtempo instrumental after a hard workout subtle background vocals, nice groove.

Description: a throw back to the 80's, instrumental uptempo backbeat groove.

Description: nice smooth downtemp track, great for outdoor exercising or just chilling on a night ride with the one you love.

Description: pride of the artist, a tribute to george duke, instrumental groove featuring piano and sax.

Description: nu-age jazz instrumental featuring saprano sax, nice commercial clip.

Description: mellow midtempo groove that blends a variety of style sets to a backbeat rythmn.

Description: medium tempo dance or trance style suited for new york style clubs.

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