Description: Modern teen commercial Dance Pop track with catchy synths and solid groove.

Description: Cool, trippy Ambient track with organ, light beat and synths. Great for atmospheric background music!

Description: Strange, wacky electro track with quirky synths and Pop Dance beat

Description: Energetic modern Dance Pop track with solid groove and catchy synths.

Description: Mysterious experimental electronic piece with sweeping ambient synths pads, organ and trippy beat.

Description: Spacious ambient piece with orchestral instruments, light percussion and synths.

Description: Fun and quirky electronic track with 80's video game-style samples, synths and drum beat.

Description: Quirky Dance Pop track with solid groove, catchy synths and vocal samples.

Description: Cool and modern electronic track with hip groove and synths.

Description: Laid-back seductive ambient piece with organ, sweeping synths and cool beat. Great background music!

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