Description: A deep moody track that has a resonating pulse and chilled beats, layered with strings. Ambient class

Description: rough and tough, urban hip hop style groove with dj scratching and distorted bassy sounds.

Description: gentle, easy going electronic track with airy pads, subtle melodies and a swing groove. slightly sorrowful and moody.

Description: Electronic and industrial sounds with atmospheric strings and uplifting vibes. Huge sweeping string section in the middle of the track.

Description: Cool, dark and sombre chill out track. Pedal like sub bass flows along and is joined by soft pads. The tracks flows very nicely and has a super chilled feel to it. Perfect backing track. Ibiza chill out with an edge.

Description: Huge dark and atmospheric dub and orchestral crossover track. Massive beats and sub basslines are complimented by lead guitar and attacking strings. Big scene setting piece with a very powerful fee to it. Dark and ominous.

Description: Silky smooth, cool laid back tune. Cool bass and funky groove style drums are complimented by soulful electric pianos. Great backing track depicting a night in the city. Downtempo class.

Description: Mid-tempo. Laid back House groove with funky rhythm and drone pads. Chilled, ambient and funky. Sound like Lemon-Jelly

Description: Up-tempo. Fast breakbeats with overlayed effects. Deep strings and textures. Atmospheric and energetic. Some deep bass sounds.

Description: Feel good house style theme with pleasant, soft melodies, deep bass and non intrusive rhythm

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