Description: Modern and stylish lounge track with cool synthesizers and light beat creating a glamorous and sensual atmosphere.

Description: Chill, calm and relaxing. Lounge track with cool electric piano, modern synths and stylish beat.

Description: This corporate minimal soundtrack is perfect for corporate projects, advertisements, Film and TV, presentations, slideshow, Youtube as well as other new media applications.

Description: Minimal electronic background ambient music with deep piano harmony, dreamy synths and soft beat. Perfect for tech, computer, science, space and other themes.

Description: Bright and stylish lounge track with modern synthesizers. Perfect for presentation, advertising, commercial and business themes.

Description: Background sensual and relaxing lounge track with warm analog synths, electric guitar and percussion. Perfect for presentation, calm and romantic themes.

Description: Smooth and calm chill out track with a deep synths that create a relaxing mood.

Description: Smooth and floating, featuring warm synth textures, light bell and dreamy piano create a relaxing and introspective mood.

Description: Modern lounge track with deep electro piano, cool synthesizer and hip-hop percussion.

Description: It is an track with a dancing rhythm and industrial sounds.

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