Description: An addictive hard electro house tune.

Description: A fun electro house song with catchy synth melodies, hard hitting bass, and chopped up percussive samples

Description: A modern electronic track based off of the chill wave genre. Made up of various ambient analog synth melodies.

Description: Exciting, Catchy, & Upbeat dance song to bring in the New Year with a bang

Description: heavy hip hop style electronic beat with glitch noises and an ambient break

Description: hip hop style glitch beat with synths and electronic drums

Description: An upbeat synthesized pop tune with inspiration from the 80’s

Description: Upbeat electronic drums with catchy harmonized electric guitar leads. in the style of classic video game music.

Description: An upbeat jam featuring analog modeled synths and a retro lo-fi sound

Description: sunny sounding electronic jam made for a video game level but applicable for all media projects!

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