Description: Very positive and rhythmical track. Guitar, saxophone, drums = good mix. Good for background music, televsion, commercial and dj set.

Description: Relax composition in deep house style. Combination of wide bass, pad to parts of a piano and vocal semples. Perfectly for background in clothing store, dj set, cafe. Good for commercial. I hope you enjoy. Thank you!

Description: Exciting and dancing track. This style very much has great popularity at present. It is a powerful progressive sound, in combination with a piano and an electronic synthesizer. This composition will blow up any party, and will present many positive emotions.

Description: The explosive! Energy! Dance and positive! Fat and wide, deep bass. Mix of styles progressive house and dutch house. Very modern sound and popular musical format. This is electronic madness, crazy and cool stuff! Great for party, radio show, dj set, movie, website, background, etc.

Description: Lyrical trance with a amazing, space vocal. Combines cold sounding with a powerful progressive rhythm.

Description: Hard bass and drum. Lyrical melody! Fidget/electro house. The good and evil – all in one track.

Description: pleasant lounge loop. Deep house and lounge. Good for commercial

Description: Vigorous and dancing track. The actual sound, and dancing rhythm can be useful to advertizing and the movie. Also any dj will be able to add the performance by this track.

Description: Relax composition in lounge style. Perfectly for background in clothing store, dj set, cafe. Good for commercial. Rhythmic guitar and well-known contrabass. If you the specific fragment of a track interests, tell me please, i will add it. I hope you enjoy. Thank you!