Description: This is an electric Jazz track featuring e-piano, and drums. Fits with all types of peaceful backgrounds, dance, calm party and much more.

Description: Mid-tempo elecronica track with piano and lead analog synth gives special futuristic sensation to your creative projects.

Description: An easy-listening chillout track featuring acoustic guitar, synth and beats. Suitable for many types of projects.

Description: A Funky disco track followed by funky guitars and sax. Suitable for many types of projects.

Description: This is chillout track featuring guitar, sequence, synth, cold beats, piano, flutes, e-piano. Fits with all types of production.

Description: An Ambient Chill melodic track featuring a magical harp, vocals, keys, e-piano, electric guitar solo, grand piano, mallets, beats, synth and more. Suitable for many types of love projects, Movie scenes, new day, advertisements. Romantic playful happy music. Sunny skies, flowers in spring, reaching out, family & kids, new day, romantic lovely stories and much more.

Description: An electronic dance beats that fits with many types of dance parties backgrounds and much more.

Description: This is a playful electronic downbeat track followed by beats and synth.

Description: A heavy hip-hop/urban track followed by analog synth and synth bass. Suitable for many types of Action, Sci-Fi, thriller, Haunted projects and more.

Description: Electronic dark dubstep track suitable for horror games and movies.