Description: Mixed electro synth washes fast modern drum beats and electronic keyboard chords creates a spacious corporate track which suggests time, movement and space. The melody is very modern, with a slight contemporary edge with ambient background washes. Works well with technology and corporate projects.

Description: A mystical introduction of crystallized synths overlaid with electronic chord melody creates enchanting futuristic atmosphere. Washes of synths imply movement or waves to evoke a visual quality. Ideal for tranquil paradise scene/setting or modern product advert.

Description: Very futuristic and electronic synths and keyboard are played over a pacy beat which suggests movement, time and motion. Futuristic washes sweep in the background to create a sense of mystery, very useful for corporate, product launch and technology.

Description: High pitched Synthesizer washes create a spacious feel, which continues to swirl in the background as electronic keyboard chords are introduced creating a more modern feel with a slight metallic edge.

Description: Electronic keyboard and synthesized chords play over a sweeping futuristic soundscape gradually introducing piano chords which provide a modern edge resulting in a beautiful background piece suitable for presentation or advertising.

Description: Full-on pulsing contemporary dance-orientated number featuring heavy beat and acid electronic backing.