Description: Romantic Retro Dance is a smooth track with a sound that resembles electronic pop music of the 80’s. It features smooth retro instruments, an eighties groove and catchy melodies. Hope you enjoy! Thank you!

Description: This is an inspired track featuring 80's elements can be used as background for any content as well as stand-by conference intro music.Use everyhwere.

Description: This is an eighties inspired track featuring 80's elements, catchy melodies that deliver a solemn feeling of evolution of mobile, smartphone and computer tech. This track can be used as background for any content as well as stand-by conference intro music. Use everyhwere.

Description: This is a logo intro sequence for a news segment, a youtube channel, a show, a radio podcast or every other use. It features stinger quality of a show section, with a catchy attention grabbing melody and tech mood. It is similar to other corporate tunes of modern thechonlogy. Use everyhwere!

Description: This is a classing house sounding EDM track. It is reminessent of the techno style of the late 80's early 90s. Solid background track for those tech vintage retro items and apps. Use anywhere!

Description: This is an electronic corporate track featuring synthpop elements of modern motivational music. Perfect for presentations and uplifting events in electroncia mood. For any project.

Description: An emotional and groove music track. Excellent for video, promotion, background music. Features electronic sound and rhythm. Also some pad-like details to create a useful groove.

Description: This is a mysterious electronic track featuring colesaw bass lines and a high pitched riff that rings throughout the tune with some buildups and low points. This is a great track for background in the weather channel, hold the line telephone speakers and elevator music. Very good for technology presentations, mobile technology and modern tv's.

Description: This is a pumping electronic track with a groove, loud kick and bass, and catchy synth lines to dance and pump the crowd. Useful as background for any project, modern games, movies and business.

Description: This is a serene and calm electronic pop track featuring catchy melodies, pumping drums and an overall relaxing mood. Could work as background music for most projects. Hope you enjoy!

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