Description: The beat makes you feel like getting in my car and just driving...hence the name! Made with Ableton. Enjoy.

Description: This one has more of an industrial/house sound to it. I was thinking of terminators the whole time I was making it...

Description: Life changes. Let's all ride the wave of change with a great song in our heads and love in our hearts.

Description: What happens when two sounds collide? You get a pretty sweet Electronic Battle! Which sound is ultimately triumphant? Well, that's for you to decide my friend... Make sure you crank your volume and Bass up for this one!

Description: I was tasked with creating a Mega-Man sounding tune for an upcoming video project. This is what I came up with. It sounds very similar to Dr. Wily's stage. I was also told it sounds like a mix with Metallica as well, hence the name :)

Description: An easy going relaxer that turns up the heat on you. Your ears will thank you for the journey...

Description: A short Trance track that I made with Ableton Live 8. I basically learned how to use Ableton while composing this track.

Description: Homage to the old school way of connecting to the world wide web. This may be what it sounded like when you clicked "connect".

Description: Just like the title of this track, I had a tough time finalizing this one. It seemed like it was fighting me the whole time. I thought about scrapping it, but that's not what I'm about. This track is going along and minding it's own business when all of the sudden it seems to be taken over by a voodoo ritual. Would go great with a "ritual" scene or something darker, such as a haunting.

Description: It's loud, it's dirty, it's's Techno Metal. Turn this up for the full effect. Rock on my friends. Would go great to a fighting video, a car/truck video, or a zombie killing video :)

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