Description: A space catamaran glides amongst the galaxies, persistently and effortlessly

Description: Give your own big beats a downtempo melodic line, a theme behind all your important things. Just mix in your best Kick and sub bass, grab a mic and rhyme what you have to say.

Description: You smell the odor of cigarettes and expensive perfume. Try to listen to the band over the crowd noise.

Description: Electronic light mood with a melodic flute line.

Description: Visions of a sea of sand and a comfortable stroll among it.

Description: Stir up that clarinet into your glass of smoke, the bartender's specialty.

Description: Fair winds and following seas in all the comfort and luxury you can imagine. The way life should be!

Description: positive, upbeat, melodic electronic music. Reminds me of Boston Garden, and Boston Common.

Description: Hangin' out, smokin' cigarettes, sipping expensive liquor......good times!

Description: Kicking back on a leather lounge chair, with a single malt, and a smoke. Gazing out on the smoke stacks over at Reardon Metal.

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