Description: The second track from my “Point Of No Return” album. Deep atmospheric progressive house with techno elements.

Description: An opening track from my “Point Of No Return” album. Something intermediate between atmospheric progressive house with techno elements and trance.

Description: The final part of my "Exaltation" track. Dynamic breakbeat piece of music, seamlessly loopable.

Description: This is the first part of the track Dandelion from my author album Exaltation. Due to its complexity I’ve split it itno 3 parts. This is an IDM electronic track with lots of glitchy percussion elements and drum’n’bass fills. The melody has a slightly mystical feel.

Description: Epic melodic progressive trance with electro elements, pumping dirty bass, lush strings and background vocals.

Description: First part of Beauty in Recursion track that contains acoustic strings and hang-drum-like synth.

Description: The full version of my Season of Rains track from my "Exaltation" artist album. Complex breakbeat track with dubstep, epic and ethnic elements.

Description: Breakbeat track from my Exaltation album. Epic and full of drive.

Description: The part of my track In The Fictional Side that contains fast breakbeat, sparkling arpeggio synth and epic orchestral strings.

Description: Uplifting trance sketch with groovy rolling bass line and dreamy tune. Loopable version!

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