Description: A kind of meditative and pop music with synths, bells, string sounds. It portrays something kind and positive, expressing warm feelings, confidence in the future, good events, optimistic view. Good melody for relaxing and recovering from intense events. There is something pleasant, open-hearted and uplifting.

Description: A positive electronic ambient track with synth pads and simple, modest rhythm. The melody consequently develops from calm to excited mood. The composition evokes fantastic and fabulous images, full of light and positivity. As if something bright and happy is getting closer and closer, rejoyce and delight are engulfing a soul, dreams are coming to reality, light of happiness is everywhere.

Description: Energetic electronic track with bright and hopeful mood. A vivid and rhythmic melody, inspiring to positive and good things. It has a bit of nostalgy and induces to think about good times of the past.

Description: A composition with synths, strings and electronic drums. It looks like a track for a game or background for hi-tech presentation. A mood of it is neutral and a little energetic. The track may express a business activity like creating a marketing plan or getting new technical tasks or simply working in office.