Description: Motivational Dance Track in the style of Progressivee Dubstep.

Description: Positive Dance Music Tracks reminiscent of David Jetta, Mixing with Dubstep. Note the Loop version

Description: Bright and energetic Full Version in Dubstep style. Note the magnifying glass under the name and portfolio thanks

Description: Epic Track with different instruments, guitar, bass, Drums, guitar Mexican

Description: Cinematic industrial hard hybrid rock music in high gain attitude. Good for trailer and tech shows. Powerful and cool. Agression on style.

Description: This is an energetic big beat electronic track with a complex rhythm and a funky bass line, taking turns with a mysterious arpeggiating melody. Well suited for video games.

Description: A futuristic, aggressive, big beat electronic piece with rapid staccato chord strikes as rhythmic elements, starting in a serious mood, then brightening towards the end with the same uplifting chord progression found in its sister track, Frangelica. A good candidate for video game scoring.

Description: A loud, driving, electronic dance-pop inspired big beat track with an aggressive sawtooth bass line, featuring a traditional break down and build up to a dramatic apex and finale.

Description: An energetic track with a wicked appegiated synth on top of some big beats.

Description: African drums, Electronic elements, funky synths and organs to evoke emotion and power