Description: Gritty, driving action and grungy. This funky theme features electric bass, electric guitars and trumpet stabs. Great for action and extreme sports. 60sec, 30sec and 10sec versions

Description: intense vibe with big guitars and drums.

Description: funk based groove with real big drums.

Description: A smooth minimal sexy house track with a hypnotic rhythm

Description: So wonderfully good, it really gets you moving to the beat of the fashion world. It will open your eyes and mind to the wonders of design and color and all sorts of wonderful and beautiful things. By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: “Arabic Night Party” is a groovy and fun arabic flavor beat ,with Arabic strings section melody.

Description: Electronic hard edged pumping tune with a great driving beat and build up. Techno and break beat influence with Chemical Brother and Prodigy vibe. This track would be suitable for fast edited video and DJ looping.

Description: 60 second drum & percussion track with synth bass playing house pattern. suggested for high-energy urban scenes or commercials.

Description: An emotive and anthemic electronic rock track, with big synths, catchy synth and guitar melodies and driving electronic beats. Perfect for corporate presentations or advertising projects.