Description: Powerful intro / opener with extensive use of distorted guitars, basses and noizzes. Perfect for any powerdriven trailer where the listener have to be nailed down and thrilled to pay attention

Description: A raw and powerful track with heavy drums and distorted guitars. Filled with some synth elements for a more modern feel. Perfect for any action content, extreme sports and so on. Available as full, 60 and 30 second version.

Description: A pumping and energizing track with dark energy, crazy break beat and prodigy's vibe. Will be ideally suited as a soundtrack

Description: Energetic Big Beat track with guitars, synths and plenty of interesting noises

Description: Smooth breakbeat groove with a catchy synth melody and arpeggios.

Description: Cheerful, sun-kissed, energetic, up-tempo African theme. Features electric guitars, electric bass, marimba, balafon, organ and ethnic percussion. Perfect for the World Cup 2010. Main mix, u/score, rhythm mix, 60 & 30sec versions, plus 2 rhythm loops.

Description: energetic track with bass, drums, syncopated percussion and synths trading off 2 parts. suggested for urban chase scenes, club or rave settings.

Description: Enchanting music. With the drive and movement. Beginning in retro style, and then comes the expression and drive. Perfect for fashion shows, and you can also use the file anywhere on TV projects, internet projects, presentations, websites, movies, commercials and other media projects. The track is long and lasts about four minutes, as it can wrap around and it will play even longer, but you can cut it into loops. Bpm 125 – This is done again for the convenience of walking on the catwalk.

Description: fast driving electronic synthesised track.