Description: A pumping and energizing track with dark energy, crazy break beat and prodigy's vibe. Will be ideally suited as a soundtrack

Description: Positive upbeat music. Heavy bass, break beat, nice background.

Description: Positive funky instrumental with powerful break beat drums and distorted guitars. Very stylish and groovy

Description: A cool and colourful upbeat and uplifting breakbeat / big beat track that has punchy orchestral elements, bass, drums and guitar among other interesting effects. This fine-tuned specimen has a massive kick to it with its big and powerful chorus and is edgy and unique. With a medium tempo, this elegant and courageous track is good for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for adverts and idents.

Description: A steady machine like electric guitar palm mutes as a electronica loop joins the main bass groove.

Description: Electronic Dance Music track, upbeat electronic track, synths, organs, and elements that increase intensity and tension for great emotional build up for TV/Film sync projects.

Description: Red bull rush is a pulsating track with heavy guitar and electronic beats.

Description: a random arpeggiator pins down a downtempo synth groove with steady rock drums and a sub bass; slow development and fade.

Description: Energetic, happy and funky big beat track. Fatboy Slim style.

Description: A fast young and intense drum and bass tune created using only using vocoders and a drum machine

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