Description: Lonely sad upset love caring hopeful hopeless slow brooding.

Description: A hooky electronic music track that has alternating elements of sensuality and intensity with a driving techno/hip hop beat and guitar synthesizer power chords. The chorus is perfect for sports or car ads, particularly muscle cars and other products that convey dominance or confidence.

Description: This track by The Aluminium Tough.

Description: electronic groove beats

Description: futuristic electro with warped swirling synths, fast tempo, corporate, technology.

Description: A dark melodic bass driven track with acidic melodies and rhythm.

Description: A pumping and energizing track with dark energy, crazy break beat and prodigy's vibe. Will be ideally suited as a soundtrack

Description: Energetic Big Beat track with guitars, synths and plenty of interesting noises

Description: Smooth breakbeat groove with a catchy synth melody and arpeggios.

Description: Enchanting music. With the drive and movement. Beginning in retro style, and then comes the expression and drive. Perfect for fashion shows, and you can also use the file anywhere on TV projects, internet projects, presentations, websites, movies, commercials and other media projects. The track is long and lasts about four minutes, as it can wrap around and it will play even longer, but you can cut it into loops. Bpm 125 – This is done again for the convenience of walking on the catwalk.

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