Description: Big beat electro track. Hard hitting, bass pumping synth driven.

Description: good break beat song with drive bass

Description: A fast young and intense drum and bass tune created using only using vocoders and a drum machine

Description: Very fast instrumental track featuring synth solos, distorted and clean rickenbacker guitar solos and arpeggios. I think I've been influenced by some videogame music from the 80's, when some race games became very popular.

Description: This is a full version of a nice groovie based track. There are 4 different versions.

Description: a funky electronic piece with dance elements and great production.

Description: rocky dance rhytm stuff.

Description: does what it says on the tin: over-the-top rave-like beats with distortion - a little like faithless.

Description: Music for commercials and films

Description: An acid house grunge tune with heavy guitars, male vocals and a pumping fresh beat!