Description: Bare-bones electro driven by basic electronic sounds. Excellent background sound bed for tech, sci-fi, or a game.

Description: Bit-crushed and lo-fi, this chiptune style track is catchy and hooky with lyrics about hoarders, simultaneously being melodic and harmonically fulfilling.

Description: Bouncy and cool, this catchy beat has quiet and subtle vocals with a beautiful interweaving, synthetic harmonies. Chorus:Lift me up, take me away

Description: Bit-crushed, powerful drums drive retro synthesizers with creepy auto-tuned vocals. Glitch elements pervade the middle of the track and it ends with a cool dubstep style section.

Description: Industrial, hip hop-influenced beats open this track. Synthesizers morph and merge into a dark and interesting rhythm track. The end of the track features a heavy tek break with drum'n'bass elements followed by a powerful, overdriven outro. Pieces of the track could easily be used in film, commercials, or games.

Description: Pulsing synthesizer opens this track, slowing swelling until distorted bass and intense drums creative a powerful, pounding rhythm. Eventually opening to a syncopated, dubstep-influenced drum beat, complimented by muted guitar in the background. This beat driven track is perfect for commercial use, games, and film.

Description: A thumping, pumping house track with dubstep style bass, autotune robot vocals, and a very happy vibe. Tasteful electric piano creates harmony, but leaves lots of space.

Description: Pumped up, over confident, and in-your-face, this track could be the Monday Night Football theme from the year 3000.

Description: Looking for a positive track with organs and percussion that can make you nod your head? Look no further!

Description: Techie and interesting, the synth parts will make you raise your eyebrows and the drums will make you tap your toes. This electro-house track will go perfect with your project.

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