Description: elettronic soung energy music.

Description: bouncey arpeggios in a woosh of delays based around a cmin7 chord with a slow lfo filter - mixed at 44.1khz 16bit stereo.

Description: echoy drums with clap with fuller drums, echoing drums with clap and hats pitching and delayed.

Description: a back to the 80s breakbeat based around an ry-70 drum machine, with a vocoded line, heavily mastered at 44.1khz 32bit.

Description: short but aggressive synthesizer piece with some strident percussive repetitive elements and an fm bell riff. evocative of early german electropop a la kraftwerk.

Description: aggressive synth progression in six eights. high resonance and low fidelity effects add to the graininess of this piece. bothersome and grating.

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