Description: Dreamy electronic journey of ups and downs in the vein of Tangerine Dream

Description: Starting off with a slow and brooding dirge through dark cavernous realms, this track evolves into a glitchy electro piece with an evil attitude. Angst-ridden male vocals compliment the mix with a theme that centers on mysterious circumstances that occur by accident.

Description: Gritty and hard-hitting electro romp that pokes fun at social media with its collection of false friends and superficial identities.

Description: Futuristic feel-good piece with an uplifting space-age melody and light trance rhythm.

Description: Hard electro-rock track with driving percussion, sampled guitars, angsty male industrial vocals and vocoders, glitchy effects and aggressive bass synths.

Description: Dark electro track with hard buzzing lead synths, midtempo plodding rhythm, and vocoder-accented vocals lamenting a parent's role as the gatekeeper of unhappy truths in this world.

Description: Gritty and experimental electronic track with minimal glitch effects, creepy lowkey vocals, and dark synth sounds. Futuristic and aggressive!

Description: Futuristic dark electro with a techno-industrial feel and some powerful synth solos.

Description: Subdued and moody electro track with synth organs and an almost triphop feel.

Description: Trippy experimental electro piece with some odd synthetic textures