Description: fast dramatic track with piano - drum and bass.

Description: Hard Drum-n-bass track with heavy rock guitars. Great powerful and hot track.

Description: Moderate speed, drum and bass played on real drum kit.

Description: Epic and uplifting drum and bass track with unique production technique. Very rich and a new kind of drum beat.

Description: Positive and energetic liquid drum'n'bass tune with bright chords, punchy drums and modern bassline.

Description: fast beat drum and bass.

Description: You can hear it can’t you? Clean dark medieval sound that once was lost and is coming back in the souls and expression of the Eleventh Sun. You can feel it can’t you; ripping inside of you telling you that you need more of this shaded signal. You can see it can’t you? The darkness shows you the truth; that the light hides when darkness comes; telling you that there will be more to come, more to hear, more to see.

Description: This Drum'n Bass music features acoustic piano, bell, electronic drum kit, strings, and filtered lead. The feel of the piece is calm and emotional, making it suitable soundtrack for videos with artistic image. Suits for quiet and dramatic mood. *the piece can be used as loop by repeating 0:01 - 1:33 *For questions and concerns, please email :) Composition and production by: heartnote Especially suits for: advertisement video, film, website bgm, tutorial, games, videogames, and apps.