Description: The track starts with slow reggae-style rhythm and then develops into fast energetic drum'n'bass with distorted guitar, violin strings and fat bassline.

Description: Two harpist, pushing the world to the brink of destruction, as they battle it out to get their harps in-tune with each other. As the age old saying goes, however, sometimes you eat the bear, Mr. Lebowski, and sometimes, well... it eats you.

Description: Groovy, Spacey Trip Hop track that builds in excitement and makes you feel like you're flying through space

Description: Electronic, Drum N Bass, House, Dark, Chemical Brothers, Hypnotic, Trance, Tension, Danger, Moody, Mystery, House, Club,Video Game, Techno, Dance, House, Electronica

Description: This instrumental drum&bass track is melodic and powerful. It reminds tunes by Netsky and Sigma. It features piano chords, piano solo and a catchy melody. It is rythmic, energetic and positive. This tune will perfectly fit for sports videos, gaming videos, etc. This is a full version of the track. You can find shorter versions in my profile.

Description: Ambient drum’n’bass track with driving drums, powerful breaks, gradually evolves to the nice arpeggios. Will be suitable for sci-fi films, games, documentary, car/spaceship game, fashion show.

Description: You can hear it can’t you? Clean dark medieval sound that once was lost and is coming back in the souls and expression of the Eleventh Sun. You can feel it can’t you; ripping inside of you telling you that you need more of this shaded signal. You can see it can’t you? The darkness shows you the truth; that the light hides when darkness comes; telling you that there will be more to come, more to hear, more to see.

Description: This track features e-piano, bass and drums making a funky, groovy rhythm. This track loops seamlessly and can be used in many different projects like websites, games, videos, advertisements and other digital media.

Description: Drum and bass edgy tune. Uplifting groove for your cool projects! Use it in a vlog, sports video, commercial, tv or radio program, traveling video and more. The track is created with guitars, bass, drums, synths and voices.

Description: Atmospheric drum and bass track with powerful motivational melody. Stay strong and cool and do not stop believing. The piece can be used in extreme sport videos, dramatic scenes. It will be also great for projects about new technology and science. The main instruments here guitars, bass, drums, synths, claps and voices.