Description: catchy theme and drum n bass.

Description: A catchy Drum and Bass track with a lot of ambient texture, Glitch and Sound effect.

Description: High energy drum and bass track with agressive synth leads and punchy drums. Best for space battle scenes, action games, trailers.

Description: Dubstep instrumental featuring keyboards, digital bass, computer synths, Glitch, bells, & custom FX. Includes melody switch-ups throughout. Possible uses can range from dark "electro-club" scenes, character themes, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: Powerful energetic metal composition with cool overdrive alternative guitar riff and dnb, hip-hop, breakbeat electronic elements. Perfect for extreme, action, sport video, advertise and more projects. 170BPM, Dm. Thank you for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Moderate speed, drum and bass played on real drum kit.

Description: The track starts with slow reggae-style rhythm and then develops into fast energetic drum'n'bass with distorted guitar, violin strings and fat bassline.

Description: Two harpist, pushing the world to the brink of destruction, as they battle it out to get their harps in-tune with each other. As the age old saying goes, however, sometimes you eat the bear, Mr. Lebowski, and sometimes, well... it eats you.

Description: Groovy, Spacey Trip Hop track that builds in excitement and makes you feel like you're flying through space

Description: Electronic, Drum N Bass, House, Dark, Chemical Brothers, Hypnotic, Trance, Tension, Danger, Moody, Mystery, House, Club,Video Game, Techno, Dance, House, Electronica