Description: The sound is well suited for your video, movie, youtube video, it is perfect for cinematic scene.

Description: Drum n base beat with organ melody

Description: Drum and bass in your face down and out drive action, playful, triller scene

Description: Hard dnb good for any kind of action pack scene the buzzing bees hard heavy gritty drum and bass in your face track good for any action scene action

Description: Epic like trip hop, smooth and chilling sound

Description: Heavy drum and bass with rolling bass line and thumping drums

Description: Drum and Bass good for any kind of action pack

Description: This is track 3 from my personal Drum & Bass Collection. Power sounds on top of a massive beat.

Description: Made using the Arturia Minibrute and Phoscyon (TB-303 emulator). Great for that acid house feel, and it loops perfectly.

Description: Fast Drum n Bass 16 bar synth loop