Description: Powerful, uncompromising, energetic breakbeat / bigbeat jingle. Drive guitar with crazy blues solo, heavy drums, aggressive synths, scratches increasing the synthesis of adrenaline and joy of life. Great for film production, TV production, advertising, all kinds of sports. Suitable as background, soundtrack or sound illustration.

Description: Crystal Dance sample for your projects

Description: Moving bass and drums scare horror Clinical and precise pulsating synths, new technology

Description: Drum and Bass good for any kind of action pack

Description: Drum and Bass urban themes, swinging catwalk or animation, Lively, wild and exhilarating

Description: Fast and energetic drum'n'bass track with distorted guitar, violin strings and fat bassline.

Description: Hip Hop, Rap, Hardcore, Dramatic, Agressive, Energetic, Big Drums, Choppy, Strings, Symphonic, Orchestral, Urban

Description: Rap, Hip Hop, Heavy, Urban, Street, Upbeat, Synths, Strong, Big Drums, Gangster

Description: Hip Hop, West Coast, Hardcore, Big Drums, Synths, Rap, Gangster, Dream, Street

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