Description: spy jazz remixed as jungle/drum-n-bass. big brass stabs. lots of moog synthesizer.

Description: An Electronic song driven by complex African beats and polyrhythms with a twisted celtic melody.

Description: Speed piece with up drums and bass and hardcore.

Description: Upbeat, happy, and dancy drum and bass/jungle track. Jazzy, bouncy, and melodic. Great for DIY shows, gardening shows, driving shows and scenes, party scenes, summery themes, teen related programes, clubbing scenes, travel programs and closing credits for any program.

Description: Glitchy and aggressive electronic piece with a dark dubstep sound.

Description: Hard banging kicks and snares, bright hats, fast jungle drum loops, spacey sound effects, trance synth stabs, electro moog synth lines, low trance drones, and super fast turntable cuts / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs hard driving drum & bass / jungle music.

Description: Futuristic original modern track that renders mental chaos of images, feelings, memoirs and space sounding

Description: Tense electro drum'n base track. Scary, tense with slow and fast parts. Perfect to illustrate a danger, something threatening.

Description: uptempo uplifting house techno dance track suitable for sports, film,tv commercial,presentation,video games and or recording artist.

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