Description: dnb, drum and bass, acid, breaks, dubstep, breakbeat, rave, jungle, party, energy

Description: Upbeat, happy, and dancy drum and bass/jungle track. Jazzy, bouncy, and melodic. Great for DIY shows, gardening shows, driving shows and scenes, party scenes, summery themes, teen related programes, clubbing scenes, travel programs and closing credits for any program.

Description: Energetic and rhythmic flute with playful hip-hop background, for any kind media video project. Hope you enjoy it and will find the use of.

Description: Short and funky drum n bass track.Can be used in any small production.

Description: Like jungle music? This is the kind of drum and bass track that will get you moving, or the type you will want to use in your next project.

Description: You've just found the right song, if you need an underground, grunge punk bomb in your vision. These unique sounds can be perfect for any authentic atmospheres, documentary projects, cinematic themes, games, vlogs etc. or just for listening!

Description: A fantastic, mesmerizing Music in the style of Dubstep, perfect for gaming and fiction, and other projects

Description: An energetic yet sensual electronic piece with lush chordings and a complex and infectious rhythm pattern, suitable for dream sequences, video games, animation, and other fantastic scenarios. Could be considered a continuation of another track called Action Frank, by the same author, as the two have a common key and chord progression.

Description: Fast lounge and funky song. Percussions and vocal samples give a modern tribal feeling to the track. Perfect for fashion projects..

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