Description: full loop with a typical 4 on the floor beat, melodic pizzicatos and then a breakbeat breakdown with pizzicatto fade at conclusion

Description: Modern electronic dance music with a swinging, skippy style

Description: A light, happy intro leads into an upbeat keyboard groove over a dance beat and funky bassline. Easy going, with funky rhythm guitar and slap bass, it is perfect for a trailer, promo or advert.

Description: Sometimes voices just say it to You - Jump! And You do so… The Jumps become bigger and better, but falling down hurts more and more. Next time You don't make it. But somebody next will.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. Techno/Trance music with drum grooves, electronic. Peal. It’s optimistic, technologic, brave, bright, dancing, determined, energetic, festive, happy, hopeful, joyful, lively, positive, uplifting! Everyone wishes each other Marry Christmas and Happy New Year. Christmas and New Year track!

Description: Uplifting and colorful dance music with beach boys 60's style vocal harmony. Energetic and stimulating, happy and progressive. For young city life happiness, urban joy, modern corporate and commercial production and clubbing or party scenes. With rave Ibiza synth, male choir and percussion