Description: Energetic and epic dance / electronica / club track. Perfect for tv, trailers, club openers, presentations, dance commercial, car advertisements and more!

Description: Classy dance tune packed with groovy house beats, a driving bassline, strings and some crazy fx sounds. Awesome intro where the lead melody is played before the first kick drops. Enjoy the shuffling snares!

Description: A fun, cool and quirky electronica number featuring a host of unique synthesizers both retro and hypermodern - high tech and analog. Tightly construction and infectious let this odd yet solid groove accompany your media project. Useful for background and themes in tv, film, video, radio, in house. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop

Description: Another dance music with oriental melody motif

Description: This track is a good background to show a someone s life. Fighting, crying, searching, loving, working person.

Description: electronic dance music, which fits perfectly into the party or club scene

Description: Firstly it sounds like someone is crying, or it is raining, then like people dancing in the rain. Dancing modern music with sad notes.

Description: Dance music with oriental melody motif

Description: Modern, stylish and upbeat electronic song

Description: Minimal Dreams. Atmospheric minimal house track.