Description: It's the best sound track of your summer. Let the summer leaves, but this music prodilit your summer days. The pulsating rhythm gently calls us to move in time with him and dance. This track sounds: pulsing synth, dance drums, soft pluk, ethno distant backing vocals filling pedy, soft drum, deep bass. All of them create a picture of a soft ripple. This music is suitable for any dance project. For bright summer incendiary video. For active recreation.

Description: A Dance theme for a song or background.

Description: this is a broad sounding track fitting into many styles. Piano driven,funky Latin style bass,a beautiful melody catch line,big drum sections with party sounds.

Description: Fun Halloween themed dance song with intro and outro

Description: 'Summer Dance Hit' is an Ibiza inflected dance track which will add feel-good summer vibes to your production!

Description: "Time is Gone” – electronic, tech, engineering, invention and technology background music. Will be good for news and review or presentation of an innovative product, equipment, engineering mechanism or any hi-tech product. Contact me via profile page for any editing or just to share your work!

Description: This is modern and fresh electro house with latin drums and happy mood! Enjoy! :)

Description: Dance, enchanting music in the mix style of Dance, trance and Dubstep.

Description: Light, positive Dance music. Perfect for discos, parties, corporate events

Description: Relaxing music it resembles nature. or the flight of birds to the South by the sea. Incredibly relaxing and uplifting