Description: Happy Dance - energetic dance track with positive bright mood. Simple happy melodies with an energetic rhythm. This dance track can be used in clubs, dance floors and more. Also track can be used – as a motivational musical background, in computer games, tv or radio, on YouTube, commercial and more.

Description: Starts with a Latin organ riff into samba beats and builds to piano,bass then full body then breaks down into awesome beats

Description: The joy, particularly in its charm, psychedelic sounds turned into a song that could very well be also dance, but here you enter the mystical world of fantasy, a song made of sounds to the cartoon, it does not seem real, a dream, a really trip ..stile absurd cartoon, much fantasy but which holds joy in the whole context ..

Description: Starts with beautiful strings/horns orchestration into drums and then bass into the full body..Has horn stabs that is known in disco tracks from the 70's.The tempo at 125 BPM along with jumpy bassline gives a current house/dance vibe.Perfect for sampling parts to filter.

Description: Uplifting, motivational background track.Perfect for your media projects, multimedia presentations, videos and other projects.

Description: This is a commercial tribal track with beautiful strings and keys that play between heavy tribal sections.

Description: Fashionable and trendy house musicI, creates an atmosphere of glamor and luxury. Perfect for stylish trendy Fashion Shows, Youtube channels ,advertising, luxury brand projects and Media projects.

Description: Fast, Up Tempo, Happy, Feel good, Old School, 80's, 90's, Hip Hop, New Jack beat, Rap, Rapper, R&B, Pop, Urban, Soul, Soulful, Smooth, Chill, Smile, Fun, Enjoy, Dance, DJ, Club, Fashion, Traveling, Deep Bass, Funky Guitar, Grand Pianos, Strings, Claps, Synths, Percussion, TV, Film, TV Cue, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Dance track suitable either for your headphones or big club sound system. Strong banging beat, catchy synth sequences and a funny voice sample, perfect as background music for gym and fitness sessions, and many more

Description: Leave me alone Club Remix is a version mixed and produced by DJ Andromeda. A Ray Ramon Production