Description: A happy, feel good song with with marimba, steeldrum, flute and groovy beat. In the middle of the song a uplifting part with live percussion.

Description: Positive and motivational song with marimba and electronic keyboards

Description: Modern, happy and groovy song with tropical feeling.

Description: Powerful, funky pop song with electric guitar, strings and brass section (110 BPM)

Description: This is a dance track with features of trance music, that gradually builds up.

Description: Track made in techno style, there is a female vocal, piano , synths, and beat, occasionally the elements of dubstep that makes the track original. the perfect setting for everyday listening and dancing

Description: Aggressive, dark, tweakish Electronica instrumental with quirky synth sounds and drum machine. Fitting for soundtracks, games and themes relating to science, tech, gadgets, abstract cinema, and more. Instrumental, Dance, House Mixes

Description: A cool EDM cue great for any media.

Description: A cool EDm/Dance cue great for any media.

Description: Edgy, cool and trendy for a fashionable night out that goes till a quirky walk of shame!