Description: An upbeat and energetic dance track, featuring driving beats, catchy bass lines and melodies and chopped electronic elements. Ideal for use in sports projects or as an uplifting background to your videos.

Description: An emotive and big electronic dance track, featuring swirling pads, driving beats, synth and guitar textures and melodic hooks.

Description: An uplifting, disco house track, featuring driving beats and bass, accompanied by a hard-hitting retro 8-bit bass line. The track echos flavours of French disco and tech-house and other elements include funk guitars, vocoded vocals, fast-attack pads that combine to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Description: An upbeat and fresh dance track, featuring four-on-the-floor rhythms, groovy basslines, electric piano, occasional trumpet lines, sublime synth pads and textures, and chopped vocal elements. It is ideal for use within projects featuring fashion or style.