Description: A feel good dance track with a solid flow .

Description: A freestyle dance track with good feeling vibes , piano , bells , moving bass line and rhythmic drums .

Description: 2 worlds collide when Rock performer Rich Kennedy teams with legendary producer Albert Cabrera and delivers a multi genre masterpiece .

Description: Top Billboard High Energy Club # 9 is a piano driven track with energetic beats that intensifies musically using rich complimentary instruments and a catchy hypnotic hook line perfect for a female vocal production hit..

Description: Top Billboard Electronica Pop Dance #4 is an organ driven perky electronic dance groove with choppy synth pads,poppy drop turn a rounds and upbeat beats and percussion..

Description: Top 40 Type EDM Tribal # 5 contains elements found in hit dance,house and EDM songs,starting with filtered keys that climb into catchy electronics synths then into a tribal beat.

Description: Top 40 Type EDM # 2 contains elements in the popular EDM arena with drops and builds,catchy synth,strings and bell hooks over a 4 on the floor dance groove.

Description: uplifting music with many genre influences,catchy uplifting hook over funky freestyle breakbeats and has a pop edge with classic live bass line,percussion & pads

Description: this is a broad sounding track fitting into many styles. Piano driven,funky Latin style bass,a beautiful melody catch line,big drum sections with party sounds.

Description: Listening to NY radio on a long car ride inspired me to cut this track. It has a Calvin Harris feel and similar to many dance dhill out tracks on the radio..

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