Description: Action, Urgent, Entertainment, News, Exciting, Motion, Star, Nightclub, Credits, Party, Oscar, Grammy, Celebrity, Bass, Drums, Dance, Upbeat, Pulse, Driving, Oscar, Grammy, Award, Traveling, Confident

Description: It is a summer dance style song with a fresh sound and full of joy. Contains female voice. With many influences from the music of the 90s.

Description: A massive big room club anthem for peak time play, ideal use for high intensity gaming, Gran Turismo, clubbing, festivals, Films and TV. This track has massive build ups, drops, drums and banging baselines, An absolute massive sounding club anthem.

Description: Ethno, Ethic, Bollywood, Dance, Crazy, Happy, Fun, DJ, Scratches, Comedy, Traveling, India, Discovery, Light, Party, Treasure hunt, World, Strings, Percussions, Beat, Uplifting, Positive, Dancing, Claps, Cool, Tabla, Sitar, Modern

Description: guitar, synth, house beat build up, dirty saw bass line at the end great dance track.

Description: dance, vogue, metro, hip, corporate, pop, sassy, upbeat.

Description: catchy melodic dance tune.